My Portfolio

As a young married man at 23 years old, I have a wife to support and a house mortgage to service.  I love liquidity and safe instruments. I’m very conservative when it comes to investing and I adopt a value-investing approach.

And no, I did not manage to buy a home and get married at 23 years old because I took money from my parents. Or my rich uncle died and I inherited that wealth. Or I had a shotgun marriage of sorts. No. I painstakingly saved since I was young and made additional income working side jobs while studying. I’ve been a cashier at Sheng Shiong Supermarket, a hotel runner at Marina Bay Sands, a waiter at Wine Connection, and an IT Engineer at NCS Pte Ltd.

My insurance portfolio and small stock portfolio is shown below. I only enter the market when I deem fit. Possibly ETFs, Corporate Bonds or Blue Chip Stocks after the next market recession.

My insurance portfolio is as follows:
MINDEF Group Term Life Death/TPD/TI : $300k  ($138.58 per year)
MINDEF Group Term Early Critical Illness: $80k ($21.63 per year)
MINDEF Group Term Critical Illness: $160k ($50.47 per year)
Integrated Shield Plan: MediShield Life ($195 per year) + AIA HealthShield Gold Max A ($174 per year)
Integrated Shield Plan Rider: AIA Max Essential A Saver ($289.20 per year)

The total cost of Insurance Coverage: $868.88 per year

Stock Portfolio: