What does an "insurance agent" mean to you?

When some people think of insurance agents, they think of salespeople. They think of someone that is just trying to hard sell them financial products they don’t need. In their perspective, an insurance agent is nothing more than just a middleman between the insurance company and them.

Is that really the case here?

Insurance agents at a roadshow

Have you ever encountered an insurance agent that has stopped you at a MRT station? Or in a shopping mall when you least want them to? They attempt to sit you down with freebies, engage you in a conversation to sell you a product.

They brand themselves as “financial consultants”, “financial advisors”, “wealth managers”, “life planners” or “financial planners”. All these designations vary depending on which company they represent. Do these fancy designations make them sound more professional?

Perhaps one of the main reasons why they have such fanciful designations is because they deal with more than just insurance. They deal with our life insurance, health insurance, savings plans, investments, legacy plans, estate planning, etc.

Just like how the Singapore Prison Service brand their prison officers as “Captains Of Lives“.
Source: https://www.sps.gov.sg/about-us/captains-lives

Or bus companies branding their bus drivers as “Bus Captains”, security companies branding their security guards as “Security Officers” or even salesmen as “Business Development Executive”.

There is probably a negative social stigma towards insurance agents because many people in the line have given it a bad name. The pushy salespeople, the agent that mis-sold you products you don’t need, the agent that doesn’t service you because you no longer buy from him/her, and the list goes on.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m an insurance agent, a financial advisor, a wealth manager, a financial consultant. Doesn’t matter what you call me.

My job is to plan for people’s finances, grow their wealth and make them financially free. I plan for the unexpected. My job is to ensure that when one life ends, another life continues. I ensure that when you’re admitted to a hospital for whatever reason, the last thing you need to worry about is your hospital bill. You can focus on recovery.

Insurance agents shouldn’t be known to people as a dirty job. Despite the negative social stigma that has stuck with the job title for years, insurance agents should be proud that they are in this line of business, otherwise they really shouldn’t be one.

So what does an “insurance agent” mean to you?

What do you think?

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